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A story of LOVE



The idea of The Love Effect Beauty Company was birthed in 2019 after the founder Carmen spent over a month in Bali, Indonesia. The Atlanta, GA based company handcrafts artesian products using all-natural ingredients.


In 2016, Carmen experienced a health scare which caused her to stop consuming meat and dairy products and began studying herbs and their natural healing properties. After years of helping friends and family members with natural herbal remedies made in the kitchen, she decided to take her son to Bali during the summer to fully delve into the culture. 


While visiting, Carmen and her son lived in an Indonesian village and began learning how to make skin and hair products. Carmen learned the herbs, oils and flowers that women used to keep their skin looking youthful. She also learned the specific herbs and flowers the Balinese use to treat various skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Upon her return to the states, Carmen began creating face, skin and hair products using many of the natural ingredients from Bali. After a year of perfecting the products, she decided to launch The Love Effect Beauty Company.  The company’s motto is love never fails, so spread the love.  

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